Brooklyn Celebration of One Story, Thirty Stories: An Anthology of Afghan American Literature

One Dec. 19, 2010, Zora, owner of the lovely Zora Space in Park Slope, Brooklyn generously hosted the celebration of our book.

The cafe was packed with friends, family, long lost friends, colleagues, mentors and babies!

Here are some images from the event:

Sahar Muradi welcomes the audience.


Mariam Ghani reads "Notes on the Disappeared" image from her work projected behind her.
Donia Gobar reads "Aya" with an image of her graduation from Medical School in Kabul.
Donia Gobar reads and behind her a photo of herself in the 1960s with her sculpture.
Weis Sherdel read the poetry of Qais Arsala. Behind him are childhood photos of Qais and his brother in Kabul.


One corner of the audience. The other side went all the way to the door.

Zohra Saed, Mariam Ghani, Donia Gobar, Sahar Muradi, Weis Sherdel. Photo of Farhad Ahad (1970-2003) behind us from his days at Lycee Amani in Kabul.


  1. Qais Arsala

    great stuff and outstanding blog. Thank you for everything. You may want to get a FB fan page of this blog. That way, every time you post something on this blog, it automatically gets posted to the blog’s fan page. The bi-directional data flow from blogs to facebook is pretty seamless these days (My IT BS talk is a lot louder than my IT knowledge…lol)

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