Writing Workshop at #SHJIBF

A highlight of the Sharjah International Book Fair was the creative writing workshop that my Sahar Muradi, Lisa Dempster and I ran at a lovely room at the fair itself (held at the Sharjah Expo Center).

peddling our wares...

We had some writing prompts:

“I remember…”

“The first time I…”

and finally “I am…” followed by descriptions using the 5 senses.

We gave everyone 3 minutes to free write.

@mohannad_adnan and @arabvoicesspeak writing

The results were:

@hamna Hamna Ahmed

‘I remember my 1st accident. I crashed the car and nearly ran *cringe*

@ArtLoversME Sarah

my 3min write up:’The first time I cry was the first time I fly|out of my mothers womb into a brighten room.How strange the change’

You can find her full poem Here

@MujeebJaihoon Mujeeb Jaihoon

I remember my own poem My mother my paradise which I wrote for my mom.

Of course, when technology is involved, there is always a glitch as in this case:

@musafirs Azim : something went wrong my tweets from #shjibf @ writing wrokshop did not come on line.. :(

He posted the entire poem, rather than 140 characters of it on his blog (quite clever).

@AlaskaMongolia Maryam Ismail also shared her vibrant poetry. Turns out Maryam also knew Suheir Hammad, which was a lovely connection.

Lovely writers: @yjraissati Yasmina Jraissati who is an agent for Arabic literature, and @ArabVoicesSpeak Samar Jarrah was generous to tweet our constellation of voices. Thank you!

my own chicken-scratch responses to the writing prompts

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