Farhad Ahad (1970-2003)

This is a tribute to my dear friend, Farhad Ahad. After successfully leading Afghan Solidarity, Farhad jan went to Afghanistan in 2002 to be part of the reconstruction. He was one of the first group of Afghan-American engineers who returned to Kabul to survey the region. He later joined the Afghan government and was part […]


SAWCC’s 6th Annual Literary Festival: March 6 and March 7, 2009

Stranger Love: SAWCC’s Sixth Annual Literary Festival March 6–7, 2009 A two-day series of readings, panel discussions, and writing workshops featuring South Asian writing that explores love between strangers and love that is strange. This year’s festival, Stranger Love, calls to mind accidental encounters and provocative attractions that defy the boundaries of social expectation. Through […]