Writing Workshop at #SHJIBF

A highlight of the Sharjah International Book Fair was the creative writing workshop that my Sahar Muradi, Lisa Dempster and I ran at a lovely room at the fair itself (held at the Sharjah Expo Center). We had some writing prompts: “I remember…” “The first time I…” and finally “I am…” followed by descriptions using […]


Sharjah International Book Fair

Sahar Muradi and I will be vlogging from the Sharjah International Book Fair Oct. 26-Nov. 1 (Although festival goes on til Nov. 6). We will be debuting One Story, Thirty Stories (Afsanah, Seesanah): An Anthology of Contemporary Afghan American Literature at #SHJIBF More details soon! Sharjah International Book Fair 2010


A Recap of Spring 2010

A day long bike ride in Marine Park, Brooklyn formally marks the end of the Spring 2010 semester! Highlights of this semester, teaching American Literature & History at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Student presentations were so beautiful that I documented them to share. I’ll be posting in the Teaching Portfolio section the photos, family […]