Permanent Transit by Mariam Ghani in collaboration with Zohra Saed, Qasim Naqvi and Edward Potter

Review of Permanent Transit July 2008: Undisclosed Recipients: database documentaries and the Internet Dale Hudson Amherst College Abstract This article argues that new media disrupt the linear structures conventionally ascribed to documentary, emphasizing spatiality and relationality. On the Internet, ‘database documentaries’ facilitate selection and recombination of ‘documents’ (audio-visual evidence) through user acts, hypertext, algorithms and […]


Voices of Resistance: Muslim Women on War Faith and Sexuality

Voices of Resistance Muslim Women on War, Faith, and Sexuality Edited by Sarah Husain Voices of Resistance is a diverse collection of personal narratives and prose by Muslim women whose experiences and observations are particularly poignant in today’s politically and religiously charged environment. The women collected in this anthology hail from Yemen, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan, […]


The Chosen Shore: Stories of Immigrants

The Chosen Shore By Ellen Alexander Conley “This is a thoughtful, engaging, and well-written manuscript, replete with often fascinating vignettes, aptly chosen and full of irony and paradox, about the immigrant experience in the United States today as lived and reported by informants who hail from nearly a score of countries from around the world.”–Rubén […]