Suture, the Healing Issue

suture, the healing issue co-editors: Joseph Santarromana and Bruna Mori publisher: Joseph Santarromana writer: Bruna Mori designers: Juliette Trieu and Tony Yue copyright 2004 System Yellow System Yellow, publisher of custom DVDs that showcase video by individual media artists, introduces its first DVDjournal. suture, a compilation of contemporary visual artist and writer work, presents multiple […]


Interstitial Spaces

To be interstitial, therefore, is to operate both within and astride the cracks and fissures of the system, benefiting from its contradictions, anomalies, and heterogeneity. It also means being located at the intersection of the local and the global, mediating between the two contrary categories which in syllogism are called subalternity and superalternity. Hamid Naficy: […]