Interstitial Spaces

To be interstitial, therefore, is to operate both within and astride the cracks and fissures of the system, benefiting from its contradictions, anomalies, and heterogeneity. It also means being located at the intersection of the local and the global, mediating between the two contrary categories which in syllogism are called subalternity and superalternity. Hamid Naficy: […]


Zarif Design

Founded by the dark-eyed beauty, Zolaykha Sherzad, Zarif Design is not just about creating small revolutions (fabric for men are now redesigned for women) it is also about re-infusing energy back into the cultural crafts such as weaving and embroidery. She’s reinvented the Uzbek chapan (coat for men that Karzai made famous) and taken a […]



Perhaps one of my favorite CenAsian dishes is manty/mantu (Afghan Uzbek version): Meat Dumpings. In my spare time, in between power teaching, writing, and editing… I love to cook. I read a stove guide on the SmartlyHeated site and found my pefect match! This two level steamer can fit two Thanksgiving turkeys! For my Eid guests, she steamed up four […]