“The Difference Between Rubies and Pomegranates” The Literary Review

“A Blossom within a Song” The Literary Review

“Jalalabad Will Never Be JBad” The Massachusetts Review

Jalalabad, Afghanistan

“Samsa on Sheepshead Bay: Uzbek Foodprints in Southern Brooklyn”

Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader

Reading about cooking only inspires experiments. Here my Khalinka/Mantu experiments

Made in Harlem: Post Screening Talk “Looking for Langston” by Isaac Julien

Discussion following a screening of Isaac Julien’s “Looking for Langston” (1989) with Zohra Saed, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, & Poets House program director Paolo Javier. The post-screening discussion focuses on poetry, collective memory, and the legacy of the Harlem Renaissance in the political and artistic imagination of Harlem poets today. Co-presented with Maysles Documentary Center and Poets House. Special thanks to Isaac Julien, Maysles Documentary Center, & the West Harlem Development Corporation.

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