The Statues Are Laughing:

Leeza Ahmady, curator of Central Asian art and films and  video artist, Mariam Ghani teamed up to bring these wonderful classic Afghan films and newsreel footage from Afghan films to the Guggenheim Museum.

As the images and films percolate for a longer article, I’m right now enamored by the visuals from this film:

Feature: Mujasemaha Mekhandan
(The Sculptures Are Laughing, 1976, 81 min., dir. Toryalai Shafaq)

The deliriously paced story of an artist who falls in love with a spoiled rich girl, who marries a gangster that then draws both her and her former love into his wacky schemes. A window into life in Daoud’s republic, from art school and fashion shows to house parties and weddings.

Total run time 156 min.

The film was shot in Kabul in 1975/76 and for me was my family album put to motion. A teen Hangama, the Afghan pop icon, also has a song sequence in the film. Awkward moments but a priceless moment in time.  Here are some images I fell in love with:

Here is a great interview with Siddiq Barmak and Engineer Latif on Afghan Cinema

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