Radio Interview

Poet extraordinaire Purvi Shah is now hosting a women’s radio show on Jus Radio. Earlier this year, she kindly invited me to talk about being a woman writer and being part of a team that founded UpSet Press.

Here are my stories of how I emerged from public school ESL student to a grassroots indie publisher. It was only after the interview that I realized my dream of writing and publishing began in second grade. I can still very vividly remember the very first full story I read in English “The Day the Sun Danced.”

Thank you Purvi Shah for always being such a supporter of the work of writing.

Check out the exuberant co-founder of UpSet Press, Zohra Saed, on naughty literary adventures & micro-publishing vanguard voices.

Three Parts:

Zohra Saed Part 1

Zohra Saed Part 2

Zohra Saed Part 3

A Woman’s World airs at 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays on Jus Radio. You can listen online here or download the Jus Radio app to listen on the go.

You can find here an archive of activists, artists, dancers and other groundbreaking women in the community. I’m honored to be included in the mix. (I’m also listening to some great Hindi songs on the station now!)

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