citydrift/Bushwick: Panels Sept. 8th – 9th

On Sept. 8th, I’ll be presenting perhaps my last poetry performance of the year. After opting to live with my academic voice for the next 9 months in order to complete the dissertation (aka give narrative links to the beautiful scattered archival material I’ve been accumulating) and finish the scholarly articles that have accumulated on my desk. After two years of performance and activity. This writer needs to head back into the library in a semi-Hawthornian withdrawal to complete new works. This blog may end up becoming a chewing center for ideas I’ll be working around in that time. But until all this turning over of a new leaf, here is a beautiful event that the brilliant curator Meenakshi Thirukode invited me to be a part of in Bushwick. I’ll be drifting with poet Modesto Flako Jiminez Friday on the great poetry hunt. We will be presenting our project on the 8th at 12:30pm at the Bogart Salon. Here is the panel I’ll be a part of and afterwards the entire schedule of panels and talks. I’d use the word “panel” loosely here. I don’t know what the avant garde cousin of a panel would be called, but this day is filled with beautiful art and poetry. Here is more information about the project

Sept 8th 2012

56 Bogart St., Bushwick, Morgan Stop L train

Location 1: The Bogart Salon

PANEL 2, 12:30 -1 PM

Poets drift with Jason Koo, Melissa Broder, Sophia Le Fraga, Debora Kuan. Zohra Saed and Modesto Flako Jiminez (from Meenakshi Thirukode’s “Curator as Enabler” drift)


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