Nadia Tueni: Fall 2012 Release from UpSet Press

This summer I’ve had the great luxury of time and the gift of an iPhone 4s. So, I’ve photo documented the process of copyediting the late Lebanese poet, Nadia Tueni’s (1935-1983) poetry collection: The Blond Texts + The Age of Embers translated from the French by Amir Parsa.
The photos are from June-July 2012 and happily the manuscript is in the final stage of copy editing.

Draft of the Cover at MoMA on June 4th, 2012
Amir Parsa discussing networks of translation at MoMA
Robert Booras at MoMA performing note taking and translation at our talk on June 4, 2012
My part in the talk on translation and performance at MoMA in translated form…
Amir and more copyediting meetings. Fort Greene.
Robert Booras copyediting outdoors
Amir Parsa returning to the French during the copyediting process. The beauty of being an indie press is that we can have picnic copyediting sessions in Inwood.
Inwood. MetroNorth train right under the bridge.
Genius poet, Amir Parsa rereading again and referring to the French for final edits.
Always the meticulous editor, Robert Booras has taught me that conversational editing is the best way to produce a final polished manuscript.
And it’s a wrap!


  1. Ute Margaret Saine

    Dear Zohra, this is a wonderful documentation of the laborious process of editing, mollified by editing sessions under cool trees. I will be looking forward to read Nadia Toeni. Thank you so much and have a good summer! Margaret

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