Interstitial Spaces

To be interstitial means being located at the intersection of the local and the global, mediating between the two contrary categories which in syllogism are called subalternity and superalternity.

Hamid Naficy: from An Accented Cinema

In Tayyif, my father and I discover a mud hut during a picnic to the countryside. Inside the cool soft air and the texture of clay/mud packed walls. During my visit to the Sharjah International Book Fair, @rupertbu took us authors/tweeters/bloggers on a tour of the mountains and farms outside of Sharjah city. Bidya Mosque in Khor Fakkan (Sharjah) returned me to that first place of exploration as a child that had left such an impact on my memory.

Tayyif, Saudi Arabia at Age 5, the Last Time I Explored Clay Architecture

Bidya Mosque in Fujairah (ancient mosque) my most Recent Exploration

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