Searching for Uncle Hakeem . . .

Hakeem Khan, from Jalalabad
Uncle Hakeem circa early 1970s: Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Searching for Hakeem Khan, son of Na’eem Khan, Sar Mamoor (deputy Police Commissioner) of Jalalabad City in the 1960s, later Sar Mamoor of Charikar, then in the 1970s Commandant (Police Commissioner) of Kabul 1970s.

Childhood friend of father.  Graduated Kabul University.  Loved literature (like me).  Last heard when father was in Riyadh (1979, after the Soviets had invaded).  A letter sent from Uncle Hakeem asking to be brought to Saudi, if possible.  But there were no lenient immigration laws in Saudi.  Even we had to leave, find a place that accepted us.  Father found his way to Brooklyn . . . two children strapped to his back and a reluctant wife.

Hakeem Khan, Uncle Hakeem, if out there then contact us.  You are missed.  From childhood your stories have been kept alive.  Misadventures of boyhood.  Even my love of literature accepted because of your memory.

Uncle Hakeem, if out there, contact us.  This is the only photo preserved carefully by father, along with a stamp of Daoud Khan and a celebration of the boodana birds (the fighting partridges) on a stamp.

Searching for Uncle Hakeem . . .


  1. Qais Arsala

    I hope you find your Uncle Hakeem Khan. You may want to give that International Afghan TV station program a call . Thats the one where folks are looking for long lost connections. I hear it is a wild success.

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