Red Dawn, 1984 (Remember when American Movies fantasized about Russian Invasions?)

Well, coincidentally, this Russian invasion film happened just around the time that the Soviet-Afghan war was at its thickest and Afghans were winning popular American support. Americans scared the crap out of themselves and little-me had nightmares of the Russians invading Brooklyn. The first scene is especially traumatic! The commies invade just as the high school teacher finishes up a lecture on the invading Mongol hordes!
Some of the same all-American boys from The Outsiders are also in this film like Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, and Darren Dalton (the Soc kid). The rest of the teen cast are popular 80s icons like Jennifer Grey (before their Dirty Dancing days), and not Emilio Estevez, but his brother Charlie Sheen, and Leah Thompson:

See the similarities… okay so the Afghan Mujahideen are not wearing letterman jackets and posing on bleachers, but you get what I mean! In this photo by the Lithuanian photographer the Mujahideen are photographed in the Kunar Province, 1985). This was my favorite movie as a kid, and she was not smart enough to realize the connection between the Wolverines and the Mujahideen. Of course, the religion is different and it takes place in a mountainous area in the American Midwest not West Asia.
Photograph by: JONAS DOVYDENAS

Not surprisingly, considering the current political situation, a remake is in the works. Of course, it has a post-9/11 coloring. If turbans end up invading America, I don’t know if I am going to feel the same about this film! Thankfully, at least, the actresses will not be the thin-lipped 80s screen ladies (ie. Jennifer Grey, Leah Thompson, Margot Kidder etc)

OMG all hell would break loose if McDonalds was conquered by the Soviets! What would happen next? Silver Spoons in Russian?!!



  1. KZBlog

    Films like this made me want to live behind the “Iron Curtain”. With all the propaganda it was so hard to imagine that Russkies ever laughed, sang, fell in love. And forget Kazaks, Tatars, Armenians. All Soviets were Russkies.

  2. Talibonita

    True. I guess now Arabs/Muslims have taken over that “bad guy” mask now ;) Now all Muslims are Arab speaking, vicious killers who never laugh, sing, or fall in love or have other ethnicities or religions on their side of the curtain.Thanks KZ, you always rock!

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