Suture, the Healing Issue

suturessuture, the healing issue
co-editors: Joseph Santarromana and Bruna Mori

publisher: Joseph Santarromana
writer: Bruna Mori
designers: Juliette Trieu and Tony Yue
copyright 2004 System Yellow

System Yellow, publisher of custom DVDs that showcase video by individual media artists, introduces its first DVDjournal.

suture, a compilation of contemporary visual artist and writer work, presents multiple talents and crosses disciplines of film, video, performance, poetry, composition, and sculpture. Current and seminal pieces, many created or edited exclusively for this edition, allow viewers to rethink processes of recovery toward a collective healingóboth personal and political. Contributors include Lida Abdul, Su Friedrich, Todd Gray, Yoshio Ikezaki, Catherine Lord, Paul D.Milleróaka DJ Spookyóand Angel Kyodo Williams, Linda Montano, Sheree Rose, Zohra Saed, and Erika Suderberg.


Artists and writers featured on suture are not all known as those who traditionally address the subject of healing, but there is a tendency toward reconciliation, visible in their work. Each investigates the relationship between subject and subjectivity, encouraging viewers to conduct their own inquiry. According to acclaimed alternative medicine advocate Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D., at the deepest level, the creative and healing processes do arise from a single source: ìArtists are healers in that a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of the work and its integrity.î

suture was co-edited collaboratively by a video artist and writeróJoseph Santarromana and Bruna Moriówith the dedicated help of two designersóJuliette Trieu and Tony Yue. Artists and writers were invited to contribute with no guidelines other than to ìmake work to topic.î Connections became apparent as contributions were received, and openness was allowed for the segments to fall into place, rather than forcing them into predetermined shapes. They were assembled as much intuitively as intentionally.

As poet Zohra Saed writes, “The navel is the first scar.” Contributors to the project often allude to their conscious recognition of, or return to, a wound in order to move on. As they extend the discourse on healing through such revisitation and inquiry, viewers may do the same for themselves, and a collective healing may be elicited through empathy.


“Suture: The Healing Issue”
Oct 15-17, 2004
preview of the DVD by System Yellow, Inc.
curated by Joseph Santarromana and Bruna Mori
d.u.m.b.o. Short Film and Video Festival
45 Main Street, 9th Floor
Brooklyn, New York


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